Kunsthaus Zürich || Exhibition: Picture Ballot! Monolithic Water || until 01.03.2015

This exhibition ends tomorrow!


‘Monolithic Water’ focuses on the element of water in art. The latest in the ‘Picture Ballot!’ series, the presentation, which is curated by art historian Claire Hoffmann, examines how painting and photography have investigated the phenomenon of the shimmering surface and human beings’ relationship with water. Paintings, photographs, prints, videos and installations by James Ensor, Morris Louis, Gerhard Richter, Roni Horn, Klara Hobza, Clare Kenny, Pamela Rosenkranz and others open up a broad range of historical and thematic perspectives.
‘Nous sommes tous sortis de la mer’ – ‘We all emerged from the sea’ – proclaimed James Ensor in 1922. His statement traces its lineage back to creation myths in which water is the origin of all things: from the Greek Thales of Miletus and his philosophy of the nature of matter, through the Bible to the evolutionary theory of land colonization. In his writings, Ensor (1860–1949) repeatedly declares the sea…

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Gemeentemuseum Den Haag || Exhibition: Mark Rothko || until 01.03.2015

This exhibition ends tomorrow!


From rosy pink and jubilant yellow to bright blue to sombre black – face one of the vast canvases created by Mark Rothko (1903-1970) and you feel yourself being sucked into his world. Constructed layer upon shimmering layer, his colour fields are of unparalleled intensity and communicate universal human emotions such as fear, ecstasy, grief and euphoria. Rothko was an intensely committed painter who invested his whole being in his art and, like many other great artists, led a difficult life. Deeply disillusioned by the two world wars and plagued by depression, he was a tormented soul, yet capable of producing great art with an enduring capacity to comfort and enthral. These days, exhibitions of the American artist’s work are huge crowd-pullers and his paintings fetch record sums at auction. The Gemeentemuseum Den Haag is proud to present a new exhibition of Rothko’s work, forty years after the last such…

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Museum of Liverpool || Exhibition: April Ashley: Portrait of a lady || until 01.03.2015

This exhibition ends tomorrow!


Born in Liverpool in 1935, April Ashley MBE, a former Vogue model and actress was one of the first people in the world to undergo pioneering gender reassignment surgery. As one of the most famous transgender individuals and a tireless campaigner for transgender equality, she is an icon and inspiration to many.

In this exhibition, for the first time, we explore April’s very public story through her previously unseen private archive and investigate the wider impact of changing social and legal conditions for all trans* and lesbian, gay and bisexual people from 1935 to today.

Alongside this, members of the trans and gender diverse communities also share their own remarkable life stories.

A collaborative project between the Museum of Liverpool and  Homotopia – the international festival of queer arts and culture.

This exhibition is supported by the  Heritage Lottery Fund. It was launched as a key part of Homotopia’s 10th anniversary in…

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Boston Children’s Museum || Exhibition: The Gallery. The Star Travelers’ Dreams || until 01.03.2015

This exhibition ends tomorrow!


The interactive installation includes a fantastical seascape with a ship called “The Great Kindness” built to travel through the stars. Visitors can take an imaginary boat ride, watch a film about a star traveler, listen to the strange sounds of the universe, and observe objects one might use when undertaking such magical travels. For many years Johnson has been interested in creating work about making the invisible visible. She uses everyday objects and activities in unusual ways creating otherworldly experiences for herself and her audiences.

“Faith has created a fictional space that tells a story through art objects,” said Alice Vogler, Arts Educator. “It invites visitors to fantasize and imagine what it might be like to take a journey through space. The exhibit has wonderful ties to our new My Sky exhibit right next door, truly showing how you can find inspiration in the sky above you.”

Faith Johnson received…

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THEMUSEUM, Ontario, Canada || Party: Studio 54 || on Friday 28.02.2015

Let’s party!!!


The party of the year is back!

After a year off, Studio 54, THEMUSEUM’s annual fundraiser known for over the top entertainment, energetic crowd, show stopping surprises and breathtaking performances is back once again.

THEMUSEUM, Ontario, party, fundraiser, Studio 54 THEMUSEUM, Ontario, party, fundraiser, Studio 54


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Aga Khan Museum, Toronto || Exhibition: Inspired by India: Paintings by Howard Hodgkin || until 21.06.2015

British painter, printmaker, and collector Howard Hodgkin (b. 1932) has been passionate about Indian culture, geography, and history for most of his life. Given this passion and his frequent visits to the country over a period of some 50 years, it is not surprising that India has had a lasting influence on his own work. For viewers, tracing this inspiration through paintings spanning Hodgkin’s career is an exhilarating experience. The exhibition Inspired by India: Paintings by Howard Hodgkin celebrates Hodgkin’s signature style of highly physical, vibrantly coloured work that dares to stop viewers in their tracks.

This exhibition marks the first time that an exhibition of Hodgkin’s work has been presented alongside an exhibition of paintings from his personal collection. Don’t miss the opportunity to see both Inspired by India: Paintings by Howard Hodgkin and Visions of Mughal India: The Collection of Howard Hodgkin.

Organized by the Aga Khan Museum with appreciation to Howard Hodgkin.

Aga KhanMuseum_Exhibition_Inspired-by-India_ Autumn in Bombay by Howard Hodgkin, 2010-14.

Aga KhanMuseum_Exhibition_Inspired-by-India_ Autumn in Bombay by Howard Hodgkin, 2010-14.

Source: Aga Khan Museum, Toronto 

ModeMuseum Provincie Antwerpen | MoMu || Europeana Fashion Conferece: Digital Fashion Futures || 24, 25, & 26.02.2015

On 24, 25 and 26 February, Europeana Fashion organises its third international fashion conference in collaboration with MoMu – Fashion Museum Province of Antwerp.

The conference DIGITAL FASHION FUTURES investigates the future of fashion and fashion heritage in the digital age. Two questions define the theme of the conference: how can digital fashion content be used to create engaging concepts for those who consume this content and what is the role of the digital aspect in the future business models of fashion?

On 24 February, the conference opens with a series of lectures and panels through which international experts from various branches of the fashion and heritage sector delve deeper into these questions. Confirmed speakere are, a.o.,Caroline Evans, Professor of Fashion History and Theory at Central Saint Martins in London;  Eugene Rabkin, founder of online fashion platform StyleZeitgeist and fashion journalist for a.o. Vogue and The Business of Fashion;  andTamsen Young, Digital Media & Strategic Initiatives manager at The Museum at FIT in New York.

On 25 February, a variety of workshops will touch upon topics that relate to the conference’s main questions: how to handle copyright in fashion content and what is the role of the user as the maker of this content? Which engaging concepts in fashion and fashion heritage can serve as leading examples and which new professionals skills are needed in the digital fashion future? The workshops will also inform attendees how both private-and public institutions cancontribute to Europeana Fashion.

In addition to the lectures, panels and workshops, attendees can enjoy activities to network and to discover Antwerp as a fashion city. On 24 February, MoMu invites attendees for a walking dinner around the exhibition Dries Van Noten. Inspirations and on 25 February, Modemuze and the City of Antwerp invite attendees for  a reception in City Hall. To close of the event, attendees can participate in various excursions to discover fashion and fashion heritage in and around Antwerp during the morning of 26 February.

The language of the conference is English. The conference takes place in AMUZ, the Bernarduscentrum and in MoMu. More information, such as the programme, you can find on Europeana Fashion. Attendees can also register direclty via Eventbrite.


The Europeana Fashion project is a network of more than 22 partners from 12 European countries.  The network represents leading institutions in the field of fashion and costume collections. The partners, both public institutions and private brand archives, make their collections available via europeanafashion.eu.  Partners are, for example, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and Les Arts Décoratifs in Paris.

From the end of February 2015, more than 700.000 fashion and costume items will be available on europeanafashion.eu. Items include contemporary and historical silhouettes, but also accessories, drawings and more. Currently, there are over half a million items already available.

MoMu is one of the founding and coordinating partners in the project and is also making its collections available in Europeana Fashion.

ModeMuseum Provincie Antwerpen | MoMu || Europeana Fashion Conferece: Digital Fashion Futures || 24, 25, & 26.02.2015

ModeMuseum Provincie Antwerpen | MoMu || Europeana Fashion Conferece: Digital Fashion Futures || 24, 25, & 26.02.2015